Murray Madness

Monday, May 14, 2007

Luke and Mikayla

Here is your best buddy Luke,you go to story time on Fridays together and really love playing together and also crying together.Most of the time you play nicely together and are really good little friends,it is very cute when you hold each others hands when you walk over to get your baby chino from the cafe,that"s only if you are in the mood to let Luke hold your hand.

Ajay and Mikayla

You just love your cousin Ajay,you follow him around like a shadow and he dosen't mind one bit.
You both are engrossed in the tv .Ajay has now turned five so not long until he is off to school.


You wear these sunglasses anywhere,even with your pj's
reading a book,you are a character that's for sure.

just lounging around

You once again are just too cute dressed in bathers with your nightie over the top.You are such a fashion statement.

Monday, April 30, 2007

silly face

This is my silly face i was having fun pulling faces.

getting my photo taken

Daddy decided to take a few photos of me while mummy was at work,i got to pull a lot of faces this is my normal face i will show you a silly face as well.


Mikayla,luke,auntie Mel and i
went to a coffee playcentre i had a great time
rolling around in the balls and climbing and jumping.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tarkyn three weeks old

Here is my nephew Tarkyn,i will be sharing my blog with him now,but that dosen't mean that i have to hold him,i'm still not keen on holding him but mummy and daddy like to hold him i'm not keen on that either i suppose i will have to share.

Hi, i Visited my nephew today at my big sisters house.
I saw Kylie ,Debbie,Karen and Tarkyn today,also abby the cat.
I terrify the cat as i like to chase it and scream at her.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Look i'm an auntie at two.My big sister Karen
had a baby on Tuesday night his name is Tarkyn.
He weighed 7lb 14oz and he is doing really well.I now have someone new to play with even though i really like pushing him off my lap,just a 20 second hold is enough.congratulations Karen and Luke.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Here you are with daddy,singing hush a bye bear bears now a sleep shshshsh.We took you to see the dorothy show at the parent and baby show,your favourite dorothy was there singing all the songs you love.


I thought that i would like to put my ballet outfit
over my new tshirt that my sister Kylie bought home from Darwin.
This was over my pyjamas which were over my bike shorts.The shoes are a bit big but i love it! my Auntie Vicki gave it to me for my second birthday.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I love dorothy the dinosaur from the wiggles.
I'm now two years old.I had agreat birthday party
with all my family and friends.


Look at this,my new cubbyhouse .My sisters gave this to me for my birthday and i just love it.


Hi all it has been along time ,here i am the night before i turned two.

I'm getting really big now and talk all the time.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You can see why mummy won't let me feed myself.

I'm watching my daddy and Uncle Mark build a brick wall,and i'm so glad it's them doing it and not me.

This is my first time on a big slippery dip i was having a great time with my friends

Just planting some plants in my new garden,i love all the dirt